Signal Jammers Blockers Wholesale Signal Jammers Blockers Mobile Phone Jammer YX-007 Recording Shield 9 terminal
YX-007 Recording Shield 9 terminal
YX-007 Recording Shield 9 terminal

YX-007 Recording Shield 9 terminal

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When criminals use recording equipment (such as mobile phones, recording pen, recorder, etc. for you to record, the recording screen will produce random noise signal, the signal can be suppressed interference to the speech signal, so that recording equipment picked up only noise information, and can not distinguish the voice information, so as to ensure the security of voice information. Widely used in: Leadership office, confidential meeting rooms, military operations room, business negotiation room, etc. to prevent recording sites.
Technical parameters  Project Performance parameters
Shielding Device Type: Mobile phone, digital recorder, recorder all sound collection equipment
Shielding radius:"2.5 meters
Action Angle:Greater than 120 degrees
Remote distance:Greater than 10 meters
Built-in battery capacity and operating voltage:8000mah/12v

Product size: 280*130*150mm

Instructions for use

This product uses the power adapter and the battery two kinds of power supply way.
1. Adapter power supply. Plug the power adapter directly into the power supply and the charging port of Figure II;
2. This product has 8000Mha battery, without power adapter power-on that is battery power;

After you get this product check for first check the packaging: host one;
1. Turn on Figure two power switch, Power LED light, machine into standby state;
2. Press the Unlock button of the remote control machine to open the work, press the remote control of the Guan machine shutdown into standby state
3. Turn off the power switch on figure two and disconnect the power from the machine.
Note: This product built-in large capacity of the battery continuous working time of more than 19 hours, recommended if the battery has electricity, as far as possible to work with batteries.

Integer truncation angle
As shown in figure one, the shield transmitter is in front of the machine. To achieve the best truncation effect, please adjust the position and angle according to the actual situation. See Tu San for specific actions. As shown in figure three, for the general recording equipment, the cut-off distance of this product is about 1.5 meters, truncated angle of about 90 degrees. The distance and angle may vary for different recording devices. Some models of its distance is greater than 2 meters, the angle is greater than 120 degrees, but a few models of its distance may be less than 1 meters, angle less than 60 degrees.

The more high-end the general model, the better the effect. When used, please try to make the Shield transmitter and recording equipment distance within 1.5 meters, the angle (mainly MIC mouth) within 45 degrees, the closer the distance, the smaller the angle, the better the truncation effect.

Please note that the above data for the transmitter and recording equipment without any barrier between the obtained (such as clothing, body, etc.), in the case of blocking, the truncation distance will be shortened.
Functional features
1. Mixing frequency Interference mode

This product is the industry's first use of mixed-frequency noise jamming mode, different from the traditional recording interference devices used by the electromagnetic interference, to avoid recording interference equipment in the vicinity of the equipment to generate electromagnetic radiation.
2. Sound cannot be restored

This product through the real random number of the most seed processing, processing of future generations of sound signals and equipment of the random interference signal mixed into one, can not be restored through technical means.
3. Wide Coverage

Compared with the traditional recording shielding equipment, this product on the mainstream recording equipment interference distance of up to 2 meters, interference angle of more than 120 °.
4. Simple, easy to use, flexible

This product is stable and reliable, high degree of product, simple and easy to use.
Product function and Working principle


1. Basic function

In the process of working, the recording screen will produce random interference signals, which can ensure that the original voice information cannot be restored from the recording signal. Interference signal to the recording equipment, while not harmful to the human body. When the jamming signal is picked up by the recording device, it will cause only one buzzing noise in the recording signal to distinguish the normal sound signal so as to protect the voice information.
2. Working principle

The recording screen in the work process, the true random number of the most seeds, using the high security encryption algorithm to encrypt the operation, and then through the high-frequency sound source mixing mode of the encryption of random number processing, resulting in an irreversible, silent and overlapping effect of the interference signal to the sound acquisition equipment interference, thus forming the effect of sound shielding.
Product advantages


1. The basic condition of the product

In the field of recording and shielding equipment, only one piece of equipment is known, the recording shielding equipment is mainly aimed at the already obsolete tape recorders and few types of recording pens, bugs, etc. For the current mainstream recording equipment, mobile phones, digital recording pens, etc. have no effect or poor effect.

To this end, we rely on the accumulation of years of information security technology, independent research and development of audio shielding products to meet the mobile phone, digital recording pen and other mainstream recording equipment shielding function to protect the user's conversation content security.
2. Shortcomings of traditional technical programmes

The traditional recording shielding technology scheme is mainly to use the wide frequency range of random pulse sequence for disorderly interference, high-power high-frequency signal to the recording equipment electromagnetic interference, so that the input voltage of the front of the sensor or input current exceeds the threshold of the sound sensor, so that it can not work properly and achieve effective speech blocking. This method has no noise, but its main disadvantage is that only the interference effect of analog recording equipment is better, and the new digital recording equipment is basically invalid. At the same time high-power radio magnetic signals will produce electromagnetic radiation, long-term use of human health.
3. Product Competitive Advantage

3.1, support to all kinds of mainstream recording equipment shielding.

3.2, in the scope of the shield work, through recording equipment for recording, from the recording information can not hear the original voice information.

3.3, in the scope of the shield work, through recording equipment for recording, from the recording information can not restore the original voice information.

3.4, working in the process of recording shielding device does not emit audible sound.
System constraints and restrictions

Here is a description of what this product does not support in some scenarios.

(1) Device type constraint

The equipment supports the shielding of all kinds of mainstream recording equipments, mainly including mobile phone, recorder pen, wireless/wired bug, wireless video recording equipment, microphone, etc. But because the mobile phone model continues to introduce new, different brands, different periods, different levels of mobile phone voice processing is not the same, so a few models of mobile phone recording shielding effect is relatively poor.

(2) Coverage constraints

By the use of technical principles, the effective shielding distance of the product is generally 2.5 meters-3 meters, effective shielding angle of 120° around, and for different recording equipment will have a certain difference.


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