Signal Jammers Blockers Wholesale Signal Jammers Blockers GSM Signal Repeater 3G 1900MHZ / 2100MHZ Signal Booster + Antenna (Outdoor/Indoor)(Silver)
3G 1900MHZ / 2100MHZ Signal Booster + Antenna (Outdoor/Indoor)(Silver)
3G 1900MHZ / 2100MHZ Signal Booster + Antenna (Outdoor/Indoor)(Silver)

3G 1900MHZ / 2100MHZ Signal Booster + Antenna (Outdoor/Indoor)(Silver)

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Product Description

1) Long range cell phone signal booster! Up to 300 square meters!  

2) This device is for WCDMA signals only. Please check frequency your country uses before purchasing

* Manufacturer Specifications

1) Frequency range:  

a) Up link  3G 1920-1980(MHz)  

b) Downlink 3G 2110-2170(MHz)  

c) Coverage: 200-300m2 (Distance will reduced when obstacles are in the way i.e. surrounding walls)  

2) Gain(dB):  

a) DCS Up link 65/55  

b) DCS Downlink 70/60  

c) Gain adjustable range MGC≥30dB  

d) Guard band rejection  

3) DCS (BW-60dB)<=104MHz (BW-70dB)<=107MHz  

4) Power supply: AC110~220V 45~55Hz  

5) Dimensions: Signal Booster: 180 x 120x 22 mm (L x W x D)  

* Application place of mobile phone signal amplifier:

1) Small regions signal blind or weak signal area, such as underground or semi-underground place of business, basements, underground parking, etc.

2) Small-scale hot-spot signal Complaints areas, such as conference rooms, a small supermarket, small shopping malls, the office and small public areas, etc.

3) Traffic and large social influence areas, such as bars, cafes, dance halls, cafes, fitness clubs, leisure and entertainment, etc.

4) Home, office, luxury yachts, private cars, public security system and road safety management, etc.

* Package Contents

1) Cell phone signal booster

2) 3Db indoor antenna  

3) 12Db outdoor antenna  

4) Power adapter  

5) Coaxial cable 5m

6) Coaxial cable 10m  

7) Indoor antenna accessories and screws  

8) User manual



Package Weight
One Package Weight 4.75kgs / 10.47lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 6.20kgs / 13.67lb
Carton Size 56cm * 25cm * 36cm / 22.05inch * 9.84inch * 14.17inch

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